Oh Woman, Take These Steps For Becoming Pregnant

posted on 26 Jan 2015 21:50 by damageditem6277
As an African-American single mom, Mary faced and dealt with the disadvantages that such a position could bring, but she was losing the battle with cancer. Her time was short.

Nancy, a Caucasian acquaintance, asked Mary to move into her home to make Mary and Nina's life easier. Nancy was friendly and kind, but too old to adopt nine year old Nina. Nancy set about the business of helping Mary find a family for Nina. She called almost everyone she knew to discuss possibilities and suggestions.

Arch Angel Gabriel assist us with child bearing or adopting children. She helps us with parenting all the way around. She will guide, assist and motivate anyone who is studying to have a career in communications or art. Gabriel will also help us to speak our truth in a loving way. Call upon her when the kids are in a yelling match, or teach the kids to work with her to communicate how they feel.

"To assure children's safety within the home and preserve intact families in which children have been maltreated, when the family's problems can be addressed effectively".

In other words this is all bullsh!t, and the media is always hungry for more bullsh!t. As are we. So enjoy this big steaming plate of celebrity bullsh!t until the next plate arrives via Madonna-Express...